Surge Protection

Why have North Shore Electric install a surge protection?

By installing an Eaton surge protective device, it will provide the Best protection to the panels that it serves protecting sensitive electronics from unwanted surges and spikes from the outside utility.

A lessor known fact is that many times a surge can come from within the Building from an air conditioner or any motor driven appliance starting. You will be protected with an Eaton panel mounted surge protector.

How does a surge protector work?

A surge protector works by shunting high energy lightning surges (and other transient disturbances) away from the equipment that is being protected. It does this in nanoseconds by providing a low impedance surge path to ground while supporting power frequency voltage.

Is it expensive to install surge protection in my building?

Yes, in the short run installing surge protective devices can be costly. Especially if your building requires multiple units to protect a number of critical and sensitive loads.

However, it can be more costly to have to repair or replace damaged electronic equipment due to a power surge so your benefit is usually far greater than the cost.

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